Immediate Dentures

Dr. Berkowitz has perfected a cost effective method of fabricating dentures for patients that eliminates any need to be without teeth.  In this procedure only the back teeth are removed initially.  The bone is shaped so the denture will fit and feel comfortable.  Impressions, and measurements are taken while your front teeth are still present. The remaining front teeth are then used as a guide for fabricating the denture. Once the dentures are complete Dr. Berkowitz removes the remaining teeth, shapes the bone and adds to the inside of the denture to achieve a good fit.  During the next six months the jaw bones will reshape and shrink, making the denture become somewhat loose.  Most of the reshaping and shrinkage occurs during this initial six month period.  After this period Dr. Berkowitz takes new impressions inside your denture and his laboratory constructs a totally new denture base (the pink part).  At this point the denture should fit very well and should remain so for a long period of time.  This procedure allows Dr. Berkowitz to control all aspects of the procedure and is designed to save you a considerable sum of money, since there is no need to be referred to an oral surgeon and you only need one denture and modification of that denture as opposed to the conventional two denture procedure.

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