After Extractions


  • Bite on the gauze placed in your mouth for a half an hour or until the bleeding stops.

  • If you are still bleeding after an hour, wet a new piece of gauze and bite on it for another hour.  Keep changing the gauze every hour until the bleeding stops.  If you run out of gauze and there is still bleeding, wet a tea bag (any brand) and bite on it. Important If the bleeding is very heavy call the office.

  • You are allowed to eat and drink.

  • Do not eat or drink anything very hot or cold.


  • When drinking make sure you do not use a straw. The sucking motion can loosen your sutures (If sutures are placed) and slow the clotting process. The same goes for smoking.  If you have prolonged pain, bleeding,  irritation, or if you don't feel that the extraction site is healing properly call.

  • No strenuous activity.

  • No rinsing or spitting.

  • NO ASPIRIN OR IBUPROFIN (Advil, Motrin etc.). If you are having pain take only Acetaminophen (Tylenol).

  • After approximately 6 hours GENTLY rinse your mouth with  warm salt water.  Repeat hourly.

IMPORTANT If you have any problems or questions please call the office at 631-957-2211.
If you are bleeding heavily and are not able to control it call the office immediately.
Please indicate it is a dental emergency on the voicemail and a doctor will reach you back.

The above instructions should be followed for 24 hours after your extraction.

If you have any problems or concerns please feel free to contact the office at (631) 957-2211.

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